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Righteous Robot

With education in both Directing and Fine Art, I chose to never “make up my mind” between the two. Whether through art, animation, or filmmaking, I’ve dedicated my life and work to telling stories, and helping others tell theirs with fervid dedication to detail, craftsmanship, and imagination.

As a second generation Cuban American, resourcefulness is in my DNA. As a child I craved worlds and stories beyond my suburban Northern Virginia setting. So I made them myself with toys, tape, homemade costumes, and cardboard - always striving to both entertain and inspire those around me.

These days, I’m best known for my work in paper puppetry and animation. But I haven’t always been a paper-cut artist. In fact, I’ve hardly been one. 

My professional life to date resembles an anthology more than a portfolio. It has been an adventure whose only constant was curiosity: a longing to seek out and master skill sets, to find new forms of expression, and of course to entertain. They are the “many loves” of my professional journey, and I have never replaced one for another. Whether selling caricature portraits as a boy, pursuing an acting career in film and television, painting holy images for churches, filming, directing, and editing films, and now bringing paper to life on camera, all these loves dance together in the medium of film.

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